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Hope is the latest album by The Blackout, released on 4th April 2011 to coincide with the band's headline tour!
The album was recorded in late 2010 and funded by donation from fans to PledgeMusic in return for goodies, such as signed copies of the album.
Ambition Is Critical was released as a free download in January 2011, Higher and Higher was released on February 13th 2011 and features Hyro Da Hero.
The deluxe version of the album also contains a number of cover songs and acoustic versions of some of their album work.

Album Tracklist:

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The Best in Town
Copyright - Epitaph Records

The Best in Town

The Best in Town was released in Europe on the 25th May 2009 after signing with Epitaph Records in February 2009. Following from the release of the album The Blackout toured and then played at Download Festival. 

The recording of "Children of the Night" features vocals from the Year 6 class of Herolgerrig Primary School in The Blackout's hometown of Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.

Album Tracklist:

  1. STFUppercut
  2. Save Our Selves (The Warning)
  3. Top of the World
  4. The Fire
  5. Children of the Night
  6. Said & Done
  7. Silent When We Speak
  8. I Love Myself and I Wanna Live
  9. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things (I Don't Care)
  10. We're Going to Hell... So Bring the Sunblock

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We Are the Dynamite!
Copyright - Fierce Panda

We Are the Dynamite!

We Are the Dynamite! is the debut album of The Blackout, released on 1st October 2007. To coincide with the release of the album, The Blackout announced a 14 date UK tour. One of the songs ("It's High Tide Baby") features Ian Watkins (Lostprophets) and was released as a single on 11th February 2008.

Album Tracklist

  1. Tick Tick Boom!!
  2. I've Got Better Things to Do Tonight Than Die
  3. I Know You Are, But What Am I?
  4. Spread Legs Not Lies
  5. The Beijing Cocktail
  6. Murder in the Make-Believe Ballroom
  7. Prepare for a Wound
  8. It's High Tide Baby!
  9. Tops Off Party!
  10. She is Macho
  11. Life & Death in Space

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The Blackout! The Blackout! The Blackout!
Copyright - Fierce Panda

The Blackout! The Blackout! The Blackout!

The Blackout! The Blackout! The Blackout! was the debut EP by The Blackout. It was recorded in 2006. The band's debut single "Hard Slammin" reached number 8 in the UK Rock chart.

Track Listing

  1. I'm A Riot? You're A Fucking Riot!
  2. Hard Slammin'
  3. Murder In The Make-Believe Ballroom
  4. It's High Tide Baby
  5. You And Your Friends Vs. Me And The Revolution
  6. Fashion Conscious Suicide

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